Friday, 23 January 2015

DKO Beauty Bits

Hello my loves. So today's post is a mini haul/review/ GRWE all in one. I've brought or come across some new products and completely fallen in lovee with them. Majority of them being face based beauty products and one for hair, as I'm loving my new longer hair! (talk about new year, new me)...

So to start- my freshly washed,makeup free, moisturized face. (Someone looks happy lol. Bare in mind it was an early morning guys).
 I don't have terrible skin, in fact I'm actually complemented on it quite alot- not to blow my own trumpet. But I do despise the puffiness of my eyes and blemishes on my skin which is why my new fave facial products a skin care range from super drug and Sanctuary Spa's body lotion have become a must have. The oil and the lotion I actually mix together and after a good exfoliating scrub leave my face soooo soft!

Now onto Foundation. This Aerin compact foundation is to die. All my dark skin ladies take note! Having had this stored away in my stash of goods, I recently decided to give it a go because my usual was beginning to irritate my face and I had some new brushes to try it out with.
I was very impressed and shocked I hadn't used it sooner and with the help of my pretty Spectrum collection brushes - and when I say pretty, I mean gorgeous! The application was smooth and effortless. What is better than pretty makeup brushes that actually do the job? They even came with detailing on each brush to tell you what you use for what and a personalized handwritten card perfectly gift wrapped in my favorite colour- LOVE.

Not one blemish insight just perfectly shaped brows- yaaas.
Then I finished off with the usual mascara, lipgloss etc and onto the hair...
I wasn't too sure about this Macadamia oil conditioner when I was first recommended it by a friend.  It took forever to come and when I opened it had no seal like most creams do. But I went ahead and used it anyway mixing it with hair dye (midnight blue) which is the current colour of my hair. It smells beautiful and left my hair silky and wavy at first but then I went to bed with rollers in and work up to a frizzy not so hot mess. Which was a shame as I really like the initial effects. But with the help of John Freda and my tresemme agents I was back to my normal self. 

Get The Products

Aerin Compact Foundation here 
Vitamin E face scrub & Oil here  
Sanctuary Spa Body Lotion here 
Limited Edition Spectrum Brushes here
Macadamia Oil hair Mask & conditioner here 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Laced With Gold - Day 2 Night

First and Foremost... HAPPY NEW YEAR! I was meant to blog in December featuring some things from my Christmas wishlist but then I decided I would wait till the new year. I want to say a big thank you to all those that have been reading my blog even though I've only just started. I mean I've had audience from the UK, USA, Poland all the way to Caribbean and for that I'm truly grateful and hope to keep going from strength to strength. Now for the outfit...

Can we just have a moment of silence for the sassy-ness of these thigh high boots please. Yaaaas. As you can tell these were on my Christmas Wishlist post I did last month and I'm in love! I've worn them every opportunity I've had so far and of course had to feature them in the first post of the year. Not only are they so warm inside, these suede beauties fit my skinny legs to the T and the heel is gold plated!  

I decided I'd stay simple with a black bomber jacket with gold detailing (my favourite) high waisted jeans and a turtle neck. And just so the outfit wasn't too black and morbid for the start of the year, I added a brown clutch, perfect for day to day shenanigans. 

And now the look for the night... 
For a more conservative look (or just about). I switched up the coat. It's easy to get the wrong perception from knee/thigh high boots so by adding a camel coat, I thought easily balanced out the chasm between classy and, well... not so classy. 

Get The Look 
Boots - Topshop 
High Waisted Jeans - Misspap 
Turtle neck- Pull and Bear 
Camel Coat- sheinside   
Bomber Jacket- TKmaxx Similar here