Friday, 29 September 2017

Brunch Bake

So I made a healthy-ish brunch this morning and posted it on snapchat and I was surprised how many people wanted to know how I made it. So  I decided to add a little food section to my blog where if I actually managed to eat something healthy, I'll leave the recipe and method below.... Bon Appetit xo


*Note this is a portion for one. If you want bigger portions increase the amounts of each ingredient*
  • Half an onion
  • 1 clove of Garlic
  • 4-5 New baby potatoes
  • 1/2 a bunch of fresh parsley
  • Olive Oil
  • 2 Eggs
  • Chorizo


  • Part Poil the potatoes, you can remove the skin or leave it on.
  • Preheat the oven & peel and chop the onion, garlic , potatoes and chorizo into small portions
  • fry the onion and garlic with a little bit of oil in an ovenproof dish- keep the heat to a minimum so you don't burn the garlic!
  • Add the potatoes and cook for another 5 minutes then crack the two eggs on top.
  • Put the oven proof pan in the oven and bake for 5-8 minutes until the egg whites are set. If you don't want runny yolk leave it for longer.
  • Sprinkle the Parsley on top with salt and black pepper and enjoy xo
If you want to be extra AF like me fry some baby tomatoes and pop them on top.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

New New

Welcome back to the blog. I'm currently writing this in the sunny Aljezur, Portugal trying to escape reality and prolong summer as long as possible...

This is just a quick outfit I threw together on route to explore the town. I've had this pretty little thing crop top for a while now and actually purchased it wear over a long tshirt or shirt - you know; "corset vibes". There is actually a picture of my instagram of that look; but I thought to myself, maybe on holiday I could pull this off as a crop top et voila.

The trousers again have already made an appearance of my instagram before they hit the blog, as most things do these days and I love them. Of course they are a very on trend piece with everyone on frills; myself included which I'm sure isn't even a surprise to anyone who reads my blog.

Now for the belt bag.  I originally wanted the GG marmont belt but gave up waiting for a size 75 which thanks to the blogging community was sold out everywhere for months.I had an old store credit and thought why not? It's my second Gucci item this year.....(maybe I should do a luxury bag review) and even though it's small you'll be surprised to know it holds a lot; and this is coming from  a girl who likes to carry the world in her bag. Plus it's like a two in one item as I can remove the bag from the belt and use either separately. 

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Crop top - Pretty Little Thing Here
Trousers - Missguided Similar Here
Bag - Gucci Here 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Double Denim

Guess who's back to give you second servings of life?  Me. I apologise in advance for all edges snatched in this post. I promise it wasn't intentional...

Ugh Lingerie as daywear is actually a vibe. Obviously, i'm not the first to try it but I'm definitely for it. This bralet is so cute. The colour compliments my skin and it actually fits well. I say this because - Hold on to those edges boo - it's from Missguided! Yes busty hunny's I come with good news, Misguided have started selling according to bra size and not standard clothing size. Hopefully their swimwear range will be next. Of course I had to try it on when I was in their stratford store and I fell in love. I've actually had it sitting in my wardrobe for months until the I knew I could slay it properly. Of course this is more of an evening/ night out look but with a low cut black tee on top we instantly go to day time Kendall Jenner vibes; you know that infamous Picture of her... just google "kendall jenner ripped shirt" you'll get it.

As for the jeans, if you remember in my old blog post here I told you about the jeans I got for £14 in both black and blue denim? Here they are and they match my sassy denim jacket perfectly. It was meant to be. I love frills so you can imagine the excitement when I saw this jacket hanging on the Zara stand.

Can you tell red is my colour right now?

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Jacket - ZARA 
Bralet - Missguided here 
Jeans - Very here
Heels - Missguided here 

Friday, 14 July 2017

Seeing Red

Guys. Guys. Can we talk for a second. Like seriously! 20 & slaying boo, this look is probably one of my favorites to date and I'm super excited to share the details with you. My birthday in Paris was amazing, if you didn't catch my insta story there are some cute snaps on my instagram and more outfit details but for now this look...

Everyone whose anyone knows wide leg is in right now and thanks to the brand Slnghr the "paper bag trouser" has taken over social media and I am here for it. Slnghr  for those of you don't know is an online brand created by Joshua (@jwshua) and his girlfriend Anne Maria (@xammasi) and their minimalist pieces give high fashion vibes at a decent price. I myself have been following the brand for a while and had been trying to get my hands on these babies for agesss. But when they finally came my gawd. Firstly shout out to Joshua for the extra packaging the trousers came in LOL, I knew from the huge box I was getting good quality.

As for the fit...the pictures speak for themselves, the vivid red is to die on my complexion and for all the tall honeys like me, yes they go all the way down (without heels the actually drag on the floor). I'm between sizes so opted for the smaller size 6 as opposed to 8 which fits perfectly.

As for the top, you guys know I'm not about to go broke to look good- well at least not on this occasion. So I headed to my trusty aliexpress site and got this bomb "Thrasher" Tee for £7.14. YES not even £10. The quality of this was amazing, soft material and I've washed it numerous times and the logo is still vivid and in tack. Together with the red trousers and simplistic heels I created a look that can easily be transitioned from day to night. Oh and thanks to my good friend Reg for the pictures.

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Trousers - Slnghr here 
T Shirt - Aliexpress (Similar here)
Heels - Missguided here

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Summer Wishlist - DKO X ZAFUL

So with summer basically here and my bank account saying very little after completing my second year of university, I decided I would put together a little wishlist in collaboration with Zaful who kindly reached out to me.  I think by now everyone and their mum has heard of or watched a Zaful haul/review on youtube, mainly focusing on swimwear but me being my ever divergent self had to bring you guys something different...

Zaful lookbook

Zaful lookbook by cosykose 

I decided to put together two looks that I would most likely wear on holiday, smart casual vibes that can easily be dressed up or down for the occasion. As my 20th birthday is fast approaching and I'll be spending it in Paris; of course I had to throw in a few luxury items that I'm lusting over right now and hope to get whilst out there.

As you guys will know from my last post, I'm all ruffles at the moment and had to incorporate that into my looks. Look one, is very summer-esque  and the lace up detail adds a little something different to your standard denim shorts. As I'm hoping to get the Gucci marmont matelasse I decided to colour coordinate my bag, shoes and shades and add a simple chain to bring attention back to my collar bone which is one of my favorite features.

Whilst look 2 is more chilled with trainers instead of heels and a simple white crop shirt and lace up skirt. I can already picture myself outside the Eiffel tower doing what tourists do in this fit or maybe a see through white dress or black bodycon. There are an unlimited amounts of options on Zaful. I have seen this skirt on a number of websites and always said I wanted to get it so why not now? I added a simple choker and of course a statement Gucci Dionysus to add a little edge.

Oh and can you guess Gucci is one of my favourite luxury brands?

The links for the black bodycon midi dress can be found here: and the links for the ee through white dress are found here

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Off the shoulder top
£11 -

White blouse
£9.42 -

Mini skirt
£20 -

Gianvito Rossi nude sandals
£620 -

Gucci shoulder handbag

Gucci handbag
£770 -

Choker necklace
£3.17 -

Fake pearl necklace
£2.04 -

Cat eye sunglasses
£5.49 -

Gucci White Lace Up Trainers

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Lace x Frills - A playful fit

Welcome back guys. I'm back with another outfit that I think I can almost class as controversial. It definitely won't be every girl's cup of tea, especially if you're a trend following type. But I just love it..

I've been really loving the concept of layering which a lot of my pending posts will feature. I originally bought the black dress which I showed on it's own in my last post but thought that I could potentially jazz it up... so when I saw this amazing bodysuit I knew it was a match made in heaven. Just looked at the sleeve detailing. Guys I can't.

I was skeptical about buying this bodysuit as a matter of fact. It's a misguided piece like majority of my wardrobe but I wasn't sure what the quality would be like. The fit itself is perfect because I got it from the tall section when there was a cheeky 35% off. Alone it's cute but the lace detail against the white is just so everything.

Then the jeans. You lot know I love a bargain so when I typed in "flared jeans" on google and I saw these for £14 I clicked soooo fast. I also got them in a blue denim and I think they are just a cute pair of ankle grazers with a twist. They just remind me of summer. I can picture myself in a cute ass crop top and the the blue version of these jeans with a mule or platform heel. Like I said, they won't be for everyone so I styled them with heels and vans to give you two of many ways they can be worn. My boyfriend hates them and as I type this out I'm actually laughing at his reaction when I first showed him. But to each their own, I love them.

As for the belt I wanted a statement piece so I paired the look with my Sonia Rykiel belt which has become my fave designer accessory....until I get my hands on the Gucci gucci marmont belt that is :)

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Satin dress - Missguided (SOLD OUT) Similar here
Contrast Bodysuit - Missguided here 
Flare bottom Jeans - Very 
Choker - Primark 
Vans - Office

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentines Lookbook

Happy Valentines day loves. I'm back with some more looks that I thought would be perfect for valentines or a dressy night out in general and thought the best way to kill two birds with one stone was to dip my foot into the large pond that is youtube while serving looks as well...

Look 1

Nightwear, Satin and lingerie as daywear is slowly becoming a trend that I am living for right now. The pyjama tops especially or all things satin in general I love and so when I saw this cute night gown I thought making a lookbook was a perfect excuse to buy into that trend. Along with the highly popular fishnet trend. I would normally pair these with ripped denim or a black leather mini skirt for an edgy look but for the purpose of the lookbook I wore as is.

Look 2

I absolutely loved this jumpsuit I think white is so flattering on darker skin tones. This look is perfect for nights out. The classic all white outfit is so easy to accessorise as well. I completed the look with my holographic  heels and minimal diamante choker.

Look 3

Look 3 may actually be a favourite of mine. It's a playful frill playsuit in cherry red with adjustable straps that allow you to be as modest as you'd like. It's definitely not for everyone but I love the brand, the texture and how it accentuates my legs. Staying on trend, I matched it with a chunky/corset vibe belt and a gold encrusted choker from River Island and large hoop earrings for that extra glam night out feel.

Look 4/5 

I initially brought this dress as a layering piece to wear shirts and tops underneath because the detailing on this dress is to die. Again, it suits the nightwear as daywear trend with a lot of girls making it acceptable to wear a satin slip dress on a night out. So I decided to do my own rendition pairing it with over the knee boots and a matching bomber. Giving me street style luxe vibes. This definitely won't be the last  you see of either of these items....

As for the perspex heels. Can we just take a second. How cute are these? They are minimal which is perfect because it means they go with everything and most importantly they are super comfortable and only £16 #Bargin

Watch my Lookbook here Like, Comment, Subscribe xo 

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Look 1 Night gown - Boohoo here

Look 2 Jumpsuit - Prodigal Fox here
Holographic heels - Primark
Diamond choker - Ebay here 

Look 3  Red Jumpsuit - Jovonna London via Topshop 
Black Lace up boots - Primark
Choker - River Island here 

Look4 Black satin dress - Missguided here 
 Bomber Jacket - Topshop 

Look 5 perplex heels - InTheStyle here
5 Black satin dress - Missguided here  

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Loose ends

I'm back boo's and I'm excited. Of course I had to start off the year with some fire pictures for the gram and my blog. I was defo feeling myself. I'm loving the lace up jeans trend right now I honestly feel I can live in these jeans. They make a boring outfit so damn sassy  I just can't. I did say I would stay away from Joni jeans and I've been on the hunt ever since....

I'm very particular when it comes to finding jeans that fit right. I have long skinny legs and so the jeans also need to be long and extra skinny. I can't be dealing with all that baggy, bootcut type mess that's not cute. I heard a lot about fashion nova jeans- how they make your bum look, how high waisted they are etc and after Kylie Jenner posted a picture in their dark high waisted ones...Every other haul on youtube I watched for like 3 weeks straight contained Fashion Nova jeans.

I purchased the same ones as my soul sister Kylie and these 'Bandit jeans'... (the other pair will be reviewed in a separate post to come) but these babies I just love. The quality is insane!! They are thick actual denim which I was praying for. They are longgg as in I could fold them up and still rock this look which I find with most online retailers like missguided or asos is a problem. Unless you buy from the tall section 99.9% of the time you'll have jack ups. I'm not here for it.

I did find though that Fashion Nova shipping is pricey. $12 to be exact so if you aren't buying more than one thing it isn't really worth it. But these jeans were defo worth it. I also loved the fact I could still wear underwear with these as the lace up effect on the side only reaches a certain point.

Last but not least, can we talk about this bodysuit? I previously blogged in a pink one from primark (link here) but they released new colours in black and I think Khaki so of course I had to pick up both because they are such staples and for such a good price.. girl why not?

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Jacket Zara - Here 
Bodysuit - Primark
Heels Missguided - (SOLD OUT) simillar here 
Jeans Fashion Nova - here