Saturday, 31 December 2016

Lessons Learnt

I'm not even going to begin apologizing for my absence its been a crazy last few months. I made the decision to leave my part time job at the makeup store Kiko Milano which I really did love, I changed my hair again ... pretty standard and now I'm switching up the blog because why the hell not?

Word to Kylie Jenner "The year of realising stuff" 

If 2016 has taught me anything it's that nothing is this life is forever. Friends, family, money it all comes and goes. I experienced death for the first time in my 19 years of living and it really hit home for me. I don't want this next year to be the same boring regime - LIFE IS SHORT. Friends that I thought I'd have in my life forever are distant or not even on speaking terms. But that is okay because there is so much more to life.

I used to say to myself that I need to be more consistent with my blog, maybe switch it up to what X, Y, Z  are doing because they've gotten really successful this past couple of months. But why should I have to force what there clearly isn't. I can't put on a glamorous outfit and take pictures for instagram when I never even left my house that day... shade intended lol. 

Next year I'll be taking my time really focusing on myself, my fitness, my health and my blog. My goal is to travel more to at least 3 countries.. not in Europe & document everything! I can't use my job as an excuse anymore so lets see how long this mentality will last me. I have big plans in store and can't wait to take you all with me.

Happy New Year lovelies xo


Sunday, 11 September 2016

Bardot Babe

Welcome back boo's. Happy Sunday! I'm currently in Poland Still uploading posts from Portugal haha! I have so much to share with you which I guess means I'm finally getting on top of things. This outfit was one of my faves while out in the sun ...

I progressively get darker in these pictures and it's so funny. The tan; I can safely say is wearing off thank God. But this white playsuit gave me so much life and I've actually worn it as a top since then. I never really wear shorts or skirts because I'm that annoying person that gets cold in 2 seconds but after this purchase I defo will wear playsuits more. 

Sticking to the Bardot trend this piece is perfect for fun in the sun and I decided to give it some edge with a statement buckle belt and my dko pom pom sandals for a playful twist. The cover up I added later to shield my shoulders from the sun as well as show another way to switch up the outfit from day to night. xo

Get The Look 

Playsuit - Misguided here
Belt - Sonia Rykiel
Sandals - Dko Kouture here
Cover Up - Essex Boutique 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

A Bikini A day - Busty Edition

So I'm back after a heavenly ten or so days away in the beautiful country Portugal; (the cutest birthday surprise from my boo). I found it ridiculously hard to find bikini's for bigger busts that didn't look like something your overweight grandma would wear and so I decided to create a different look everyday with swimsuits & Bikini's that are supportive & but hella cute...

Bikini 1

Bikini 2

Bikini 3

Bikini 4

Bikini 5

As you can see I got ridiculously dark. My foundation doesn't even match my skin anymore! But I loved these pieces and the Decathlon Bikini was such a steal for only £1.99!! I actually got other colours but was enjoying the beach too much to take pictures...Opps

In terms of sizing when it came to Triangle bikinis I would get my standard size 6-8 bottom and then a L-XL top or in UK sizes 12-14 because for some absurd reason; a size 8 triangle top equates to a A cup bust... let me know why retailers can't sell swimwear according to bra size!?

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Swimsuit 1 - American Apparel here 
Bikini 2- Decathlon Top here bottoms here
Silver cover up dress - Lasula Boutique
Swimsuit 3 - She By Sophie here
Swimsuit 4 - She by Sophie here
Swimsuit 5- Asos Swim  

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Summer Beauty Bits

Welcome back loves. It's been a busy month. I've been working a lot and buying even more so I have major hauls to share with you.. there may even be a YouTube video so watch this space...

First is my new Zoeva brush set dupe. I'm probably so late as these came out a while ago but I sold my old spectrum brushes (first review of the blog) and decided I wanted to up my game and these are truly amazing. They are sooooo soft and precise and apply makeup even better than my old ones. When I googled them I saw the original brushes on the Selfridges site for £65 and I was going to buy them until I saw a dupe version on ebay, that looked exactly the same. So I brought them- whilst having every intention of returning them them if they were crap and sticking with the real deal. But my gard. I was pleasently surprised which as inspired my "Fake it to you make it series" where I will be finding dupes of popular items and reviewing!

Next, Kiko products. For those who don't know I work at the flagship store and so whenever there is a new collection I'm all over it. The Neo Noir collection which launched last weekend has some of Kiko's most pigmented products yet in my opinion. I mean the swatches speak loud and clear for themselves.. That blue eyeshadow is insane against dark skin. I also picked up the 208 water eye-shadow the infamous two in one highlighter and eye-shadow. Does anyone even use it for eye-shadow anymore? 

And with matte liquid lipsticks dominating the cosmetics industry thanks to Kylie Jenner's lipkits; I decided to grab double touch lipstick that comes with a gloss to put on top- the last swatch of the picture. I actually like the matte red so much that once it dries I leave it alone. #IfItAintBroke

Last pit-stops where MAC and Lush cosmetics. I realised that after using my tea tree Body shop products, they were no longer enough for cleansing my face. In fact they were a bit too harsh; burning any spots on my face and leaving blemishes. So I picked up "Angles on Bare Skin", a natural face and body cleanser consisting of almonds and lavender. It smells really nice and leaves my face far from irritated and fresh. I definitely recommend. Lastly I grabbed a  handmade massage bar called "Shimmy Shimmy" swatches shown above and damn. Look at that glow!!!! I wanted something for my up coming get away with babes that would make my skin glisten in the sun and slay my holiday pictures and I couldn't be happier. Not only is it a moisturizer, it smells amazing and makes your girl glowww #BlackGirlMagic 

The last part of this blog isn't strictly beauty related but hey ho. I'm now a MKC (My Kinda Crown) hair representative and will be using their hair and wig services to bring to all my weave wearing hunnies. Use my discount code on there site here  for money off or Send your old bundles in for discounted wig services!

As for the giveaway the announcement will be made on my twitter at 9pm today! xo 

Get The Look 

Zoeva Brush set Dupe - Ebay here
Nail Polishes - Kiko Milano
Neo Noir Sparkling Trail eyeshadow - Kiko Milano 
Double touch lipstick - Kiko Milano
Chestnut Lipliner - MAC
Highlighter pen - Mac 
208 Water-shadow - Kiko Milano 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Pretty Little Things..

Welcome back boo's. Today's outfit was so chilled and super comfy. I'm still high on all things bodysuit and you can't go wrong with distressed denim. I also got a new camera so I've been testing that too...

I titled this post pretty little things because I this outfit is made up of little gems that I stumbled across while shopping. The bodysuit fits so well, the material is thick; much better quality than most online retailers if I must be honest. I also love this choker trend but can't be bothered to pay £10 for a separate one that most of the time I'll either forgot to wear or lose. The bomber jacket is literally the cutest thing. The soft pink tones and flora pattern remind me of the Topshop bomber that everyone seems to have. The jeans are my faves, I wear these literally everyday after promising to ditch the joni jeans. They are a mid fit and sit comfortably on my hips, not to mention make my bum look amazing. I like the distressed/ cut off look they give which looks good with heels as well as trainers.

As for the Shades; I'm actually in love with these. I normally avoid coloured lens but there was something about these... I feel the shape suits me and the lens just adds a pop of colour to any outfit right? Last but not least the bag. This was one of two presents from my boo on my birthday (The other one will be featured on a later post) and I'm in love with it. It is such a simple bag and I can chuck everything into it and go. 


 Seeing as I've reached 9000+ pageviews, I'm feeling to do a giveaway! I'm really overwhelmed with all the support on my blog and Dko Kouture which now has it's own site! Click HERE  to shop! Details on the giveaway will be posted on my blog soon! xo

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Bodysuit - Primark Sale 
Bomber Jacket - Stradivarius here
Jeans - Missguided here
Bag - Longchamp 
Shades - RayBan 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Hair Talk - Frontal

So I'm back boo's with highly requested hair talk for you chocolate honeys. I'm not ashamed to say I wear weaves, extensions, closures and now frontals. Even from the few posts on this blog I've gone short, long, purple, blue and braided it up! I have always been skeptical of them as I didn't want it to look oh so obvious like majority do, but my hairdresser slayyeddd..

I apologise as most of these pictures are actually snapchats but after getting so many snapchats and questions on my hair I decided I would throw all of them into a post and show you what is officially my fave hair vendor from aliexpress. I actually have two go-to vendors for bundles and then for closures/frontals so whenever you see new hair... you know the deal. These bundles were previously the purple ones seen in a previous post (shown below); that I bleached, dyed and cut for the second time to get this cinnamon colour that I adore.

This is how the frontal looked after I lightened it and added the dye (safe to say I was happy with it)! As you can see it came with baby hairs but my hairdresser did customise the frontal again for a more realistic look which you'll see in two of my saved snapchats down below. I love the versatility in terms of styles I can now do; messy buns, ponytails, side parts, middles parts etc which for someone like me is perfect because I get bored of hair so quickly. This is actually a "sew in" but I will be converting into a wig like I did with the blue bob.

The best part about these vendors is the price. This frontal cost me a mere £47.19 yet the frontal was FULL, soft from top to bottom and took the colour so well. Same with every silk base that I've brought from them.

Get The Look

All Frontals & Closures - Slove Hair here
Bundles - Queen Plus Hair Products here