Monday, 27 June 2016

Leather Laden

Welcome back boo's. I turned 19 on Friday 24th - Yay me, we thank God; which you'd have seen if you follow me on Instagram. I also laid my beloved grandfather to rest and saw Rihanna live that same day... not to mention I've upped my hours at work; so yeah its been hectic.

I couldn't not squeeze in a couple of posts and I'll be uploading regularly over the next few days just to get up to date because I have a lot to share. I kept the outfit simple. I've literally worn the life out of these Culottes and they are like my go to style of trouser right now. They are super versatile you can dress them up and down - this look being the dressed up version.

The infamous leather jacket I think most will know where it's from before I state it; but again it's one of those must have items. Yellow is also a very "out there" colour that I wouldn't usually go for. But chocolate honeys, yellow does wonders against our complexion. Plus its cropped which I love - show off a little booty.

As for the heels. I think I'll shock when I disclose where they are from. I decided not to judge a book by it's cover and try something different as well as save a little cash. I wore them a couple of times yet they have been sturdy and extremely comfortable...

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Leather Jacket - Zara here
Culottes - Pretty Little Thing here
Heels - Every Thing £5 !!!! ( Yes girls. £5)

Friday, 10 June 2016

Dream Duster

Welcome back boo's. I've been thinking its time for a little change and I've decided to take a new approach. A natural approach. I'm sporting natural hair and have been for a couple of weeks. I wanted this post to match the laid back, "carefree black girl" vibes that I've been feeling. Just not giving a flying monkey about what others have to say about my look... so enjoy.

I literally love this duster coat, I've been wearing it  ever since it came. It totally gives me Rihanna vibes and its just something different in my wardrobe. I've always wanted a duster but to be honest I've always seen them as rather useless in the typical British weather. They are so flimsy - literally just for aesthetic purposes only but I couldn't resist this one.

As for the bag. Isn't she so cute? If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen when I first purchased it. It's so perfect for light days instead of carrying the world in your bag which I know alot of us Girls do. 

As for these trainers.. they are my favourite pair so far. They are feminine but not if that can even be a thing. The colour is just beautiful especially when the hit the sun. I definitely have to break them in though as they aren't the most comfortable but hey they are cute. 

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Jumpsuit - American Apparel here 
Duster coat - Oh Polly here
Nike TN air max Plus SE trainer - Foot locker