Sunday, 6 March 2016

Boots Made For Walkin'

Welcome back boos. I've been hiding these boots away for some time until I could style them as I wanted et voila. I am too in love, a total style steal and for a glorious £10...

I have endless amounts of black boots and heels as you may have already figured if you've followed this blog extensively, so I decided to switch it up! It's like now a days some girls forget that it's still okay to wear clothes that aren't from the most expensive high-street shop/ online store, who are charging £40 minimum for simple Chelsea boots. IT'S NOT THAT DEEP. One thing uni has taught me is to shop around.  I'm a bargain lover so when I find one off boutiques and stores I will always without fail go in.

Always having been a fan of bomber jackets, I sold an old black one on depop so when I got my boots I decided to get one in wine to match ugh I'm a sucker for coordinated outfits, be it the shoes and bag or jacket and AGAIN ladies; I did not get it from a brand or high-street store but ebay. Ebay is like aliexpress where there are buried treasures among the junk, you just need to know how to look for it!

As for the bodysuit, I'm honestly not sure why I don't own more of these things, everything is so much neater no wrinkles or lines from tucked in anything. Lace up bodysuits especially have been everywhere and I'm all for free the nipple, just not on myself and so I keep my laces pretty tight, it's up to you how exposed you want to be...

And because I loved my new lip colour so much I had to throw in a selfie....
P.s my glasses are prescribed- benefits of being a comp sci undergrad.

Get The Look
Lipstick - MAC shade: Sin here
Bomber Jacket - Ebay here 
Bodysuit - Fashion Nova here

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