Friday, 19 February 2016

New Hurr, who this?

Guyssss. So I'm back and yes I've changed my hair yet again; you can never go wrong with a cute ass lob (long-bob) & after seeing RiRi's at the Puma x Fenty I had to work my own magic. So keep reading to see how I went from black to ombre blue...

I started off with reviving old bundles because girls its not everyday spend £1 million pounds on new weave. These bundles are about two years old and were still perfect; silky and healthy they merely needed a trim and deep condition in boiling hot water and we were good to go.
With help from a good friend - Shoutout to my babes Manal! - We bleached and dyed the hair using the products above. However I would advise if you're dying four or more bundles to get three bottles of peroxide and 3 tubs of bleach powder; not necessarily Trulites as any bleach will do but definitely a 12% volume along with a bleach neutralizer. Basically so your weave doesn't continue to lighten and eventually snap in half even after the bleach is rinsed out!!

We wrapped foil around the bleached weave with every partition and left it on for about 1 hour and a half (a lot longer than suggested on the box but even still some parts weren't fully blond). Once we took of the foil and washed the bleach out thoroughly we added the dye leaving that on for another hour and a half - again longer than needed just to be on the save side.

To Achieve the Colour
1) Adore in colour Indigo blue on the bottom (longest ) tracks 
2) LA Riche Directions dye in Silver mixed with Indigo blue in the middle tracks 
3) LA Riche Directions dye in Silver mixed with Atlantic blue just above the top of the previously dyed colours and any other blond regions on top


Once the colour was set we washed the hair until the water that run was virtually clear, added the bleach neutralizer which gave the amazing foamy colour above. Then we dried and styled the hair et voila... 

Get The Look

True lites rapid blue bleach - Beauty Queens Cosmetics / Paks Cosmetics or here
Tresemme Conditioner - here
TruZone peroxide- Beauty Queens Cosmetics / Paks Cosmetics or here
LA Riche Directions hair dye Atlantic blue - here 
LA Riche Directions hair dye Atlantic blue - here 
Adore Indigo Blue hair dye - here 
Jeans Misguided - here
Bodysuit - Boohoo

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