Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Hair Talk - Frontal

So I'm back boo's with highly requested hair talk for you chocolate honeys. I'm not ashamed to say I wear weaves, extensions, closures and now frontals. Even from the few posts on this blog I've gone short, long, purple, blue and braided it up! I have always been skeptical of them as I didn't want it to look oh so obvious like majority do, but my hairdresser slayyeddd..

I apologise as most of these pictures are actually snapchats but after getting so many snapchats and questions on my hair I decided I would throw all of them into a post and show you what is officially my fave hair vendor from aliexpress. I actually have two go-to vendors for bundles and then for closures/frontals so whenever you see new hair... you know the deal. These bundles were previously the purple ones seen in a previous post (shown below); that I bleached, dyed and cut for the second time to get this cinnamon colour that I adore.

This is how the frontal looked after I lightened it and added the dye (safe to say I was happy with it)! As you can see it came with baby hairs but my hairdresser did customise the frontal again for a more realistic look which you'll see in two of my saved snapchats down below. I love the versatility in terms of styles I can now do; messy buns, ponytails, side parts, middles parts etc which for someone like me is perfect because I get bored of hair so quickly. This is actually a "sew in" but I will be converting into a wig like I did with the blue bob.

The best part about these vendors is the price. This frontal cost me a mere £47.19 yet the frontal was FULL, soft from top to bottom and took the colour so well. Same with every silk base that I've brought from them.

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