Friday, 14 July 2017

Seeing Red

Guys. Guys. Can we talk for a second. Like seriously! 20 & slaying boo, this look is probably one of my favorites to date and I'm super excited to share the details with you. My birthday in Paris was amazing, if you didn't catch my insta story there are some cute snaps on my instagram and more outfit details but for now this look...

Everyone whose anyone knows wide leg is in right now and thanks to the brand Slnghr the "paper bag trouser" has taken over social media and I am here for it. Slnghr  for those of you don't know is an online brand created by Joshua (@jwshua) and his girlfriend Anne Maria (@xammasi) and their minimalist pieces give high fashion vibes at a decent price. I myself have been following the brand for a while and had been trying to get my hands on these babies for agesss. But when they finally came my gawd. Firstly shout out to Joshua for the extra packaging the trousers came in LOL, I knew from the huge box I was getting good quality.

As for the fit...the pictures speak for themselves, the vivid red is to die on my complexion and for all the tall honeys like me, yes they go all the way down (without heels the actually drag on the floor). I'm between sizes so opted for the smaller size 6 as opposed to 8 which fits perfectly.

As for the top, you guys know I'm not about to go broke to look good- well at least not on this occasion. So I headed to my trusty aliexpress site and got this bomb "Thrasher" Tee for £7.14. YES not even £10. The quality of this was amazing, soft material and I've washed it numerous times and the logo is still vivid and in tack. Together with the red trousers and simplistic heels I created a look that can easily be transitioned from day to night. Oh and thanks to my good friend Reg for the pictures.

Get The Look
Trousers - Slnghr here 
T Shirt - Aliexpress (Similar here)
Heels - Missguided here

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