Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Double Denim

Guess who's back to give you second servings of life?  Me. I apologise in advance for all edges snatched in this post. I promise it wasn't intentional...

Ugh Lingerie as daywear is actually a vibe. Obviously, i'm not the first to try it but I'm definitely for it. This bralet is so cute. The colour compliments my skin and it actually fits well. I say this because - Hold on to those edges boo - it's from Missguided! Yes busty hunny's I come with good news, Misguided have started selling according to bra size and not standard clothing size. Hopefully their swimwear range will be next. Of course I had to try it on when I was in their stratford store and I fell in love. I've actually had it sitting in my wardrobe for months until the I knew I could slay it properly. Of course this is more of an evening/ night out look but with a low cut black tee on top we instantly go to day time Kendall Jenner vibes; you know that infamous Picture of her... just google "kendall jenner ripped shirt" you'll get it.

As for the jeans, if you remember in my old blog post here I told you about the jeans I got for £14 in both black and blue denim? Here they are and they match my sassy denim jacket perfectly. It was meant to be. I love frills so you can imagine the excitement when I saw this jacket hanging on the Zara stand.

Can you tell red is my colour right now?

Get The Look

Jacket - ZARA 
Bralet - Missguided here 
Jeans - Very here
Heels - Missguided here 

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