Friday, 21 August 2015

Badass Bombers, Sassy Creps

Welcome back cuties. Today's look was super casual moving from the theme of my last post's 70's vibe to a 90's vibe, mom jeans, bomber jacket and Reebox Classics.

This bomber jacket has become one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe its so different to the normal black, navy and khaki which I love don't get me wrong its just soo boring these days. As are skinny jeans, which I for one practically live in; that and a cute ass crop top. But change is good and I had these levi jeans in the back of my wardrobe for a year or so and hardly wore mainly due to the fact they don't fit as snug anymore. (A trip to levi's Regent Street is pending)!

 As for the crop top, yet another to my already large collection; I picked this up on a complete and utter whim but it's the cutest thing, figure hugging yet so simple. The best part about it is one side is a lower cut than the other which enables me to switch it up and depending on the occasion or my mood.

Lastly, the trainers ahhh my beloved Reebok classics, that took forever and a half to arrive (footasylum!) but none the less I love. A lot of people mentioned I'm forever in heels, which I noticed looking back on past posts and so I again running on the theme of change decided to go with trainers, fresh out of their box and I love them. They are part of the Reebox spirits collection and are just the right colour, noticeably silver but not blindingly startling. 

Get The Look
Bomber Jacket - Missguided here 
Crop Top - Brandy Meville here
Levi Mom Jeans - Blitz London  here
Reebox Classics - Footasylum here 


  1. This outfit is very cute, I'm happy that the 90s is back in those trends now as we speak. Don't forget to check out my blog, and I followed you on here :-)