Saturday, 10 October 2015

Autumnal Kouture

Welcome back guys! First and foremost I owe you all a major apology for my entire month absence. But I've started Uni - finally! Hence the cute rural background of Leicestershire; which gave me amazling lighting. But now I'm here, I'm hoping to get more regular with posts even do a room tour video and what not at a later date so keep your eyes pealed...

But first my more exciting news is about my newest venutre. DKO Kouture my very own luxury fur parkas most prominent for their huge fur collar. I was in search for one at a reasonable price for ages but after looking at essex boutiques, and simillar well known brands I had no luck finding a parka with a huge hood under £300; some brands even charging up to £600.

 But me being me,  I worked my inner entrepreneur and managed to partner up with the exact same stockist for some of these top selling boutiques, and now supply my own at a slightly lower price. I'm in love with them. The fur on the inside is ridiculously soft as well as detachable so when it's warm you cant still rock the green shell of the parka itself.

The fur is real, lightweight and not only does it come in the natural brown I'm wearing but it Blue, Pink & white. With the inside lining matching the collar. Which mine doesn't I'm aware but once I received my first stock despite the mix up, I couldn't bare to send it back.

I thought it would be a cute touch to wear my Adidas Supercolors by Pharrell Williams which I've actually had for the longest time, but never blogged. I wanted to wait for the hype to die down and actually forgot to blog about them.... typical me. Paired with my all time fave high waisted jeans & a classic turtle neck crop, this honestly has to be one of my favourite  posts to date.
And a massive shoutout to my baby girl Fola for the amazing photography. It's so cray what good lighting and an iPhone camera can do when you leave your camera back in London. I was feeling myself especially in this new foundation....(so many posts for you guys!!!)

Get The Look
Fur Parka - DKO Kouture here
Adidas Supercolours Shift Olive - Adidas Store London
High waist Joni jeans - here 

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